About us

The Owner

Meet Sarah Mason, a dedicated nurse with diverse talents. She's certified as a breastfeeding specialist, Footcare nurse, and is an IBCLC candidate. Sarah is also a mother of two, which deepens her parenting expertise.

Sarah's personal journey into lactation began when she faced breastfeeding challenges with her own babies. The guidance of a lactation consultant transformed her experience, increasing her milk supply and making breastfeeding a positive experience. This ignited Sarah's passion for lactation support.

Passionate about empowering mothers with knowledge, Sarah authored an eBook on making informed choices during pregnancy and beyond. Be sure to check it out in the shop!

Beyond healthcare, Sarah is a fitness enthusiast, a painter, and an avid hiker. She values human connections and is eager to support your journey to health, parenting, and personal growth. Connect with her and let her inspire you!

Take A Minute

The picture to the right features my son and me after a particularly stressful feeding session. I vividly recall feeling overwhelmed during that moment, even though I knew I should be treasuring it. Despite the stress, I made a conscious decision to take a minute after the feed was done and simply hold my baby. I gazed into his eyes and captured this precious moment on camera. It has since become one of my favorite pictures. Take a minute, Momma. You've got this!